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DesiFrenzy ft. Sukhwinder Panchhi - Munda End Karda (Video)

DesiFrenzy Records present 'Munda End Karda' taken from 'Folk N Frenzy - The Demo Tape' featuring Sukhwinder Panchhi, lyrics penned by Ghulla Sarhale Wala!

DesiFrenzy Unveils 'Folk N Frenzy': A Global Musical Journey Showcasing A Nostalgic Fusion of Sounds

DesiFrenzy, the renowned music producer and DJ, has dropped his latest sonic masterpiece, 'Folk N Frenzy'. Breaking free from traditional album formats, 'Folk N Frenzy' takes the form of a captivating demo tape, designed to showcase the incredible diversity of musical styles that Frenzy is capable of producing.

Two years in the making, 'Folk N Frenzy' is a testament to Frenzy's dedication to his craft. Amidst a whirlwind of global performances, the UK-based artist has poured his heart and soul into this project, resulting in a musical journey that transcends boundaries.

Frenzy's journey in crafting 'Folk N Frenzy' reflects his commitment to pushing musical boundaries while paying homage to his roots. This demo tape is a testament to his ability to transcend genres and connect cultures through the universal language of music.

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