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Bonafide - Ishq Hogaya (Video)




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You’ll definitely be saying “Ishq Hogaya” after hearing the latest musical treat from Bonafide. The feel-good party track is the first release from the Manchester duo’s debut album Life Through Melody due out this summer.

Consisting of rapper Maz and singer Ziggy, Bonafide are causing a stir across the UK. Armed with a seriously funky video which was shot by Ballistic at hot-spot Vermillion Bar in Manchester, the lads are getting ready to unleash their musical mayhem on the masses starting with Ishq Hogaya - “a feel-good upbeat summer track which will have everyone nodding their heads and moving their bodies.” says vocalist Ziggy.

The two talented artists, who grew up together in Manchester and both share a strong passion for music, have encompassed different styles and influences to create their own Brit-Asian sound which is sure to be embedded into your musical conscious. Rapper Maz describes the Bonafide sound: “at it’s heart it’s hip-hop and R’n’B with a dash of other flavours from around us that give us musical inspiration. It’s a real fusion of styles - you have a Desi influence fused with beats that range from the Latino reggaeton vibes to smooth jazzfunk to straightforward dancefloor beats with a Spanish and Arabic vibe”.

Managed by Manchester's music veteran DJ Fritz of Supreme Dream Records, the lads have been busy performing to appreciative audiences at events up and down the country, including Shilpa Shetty’s birthday party and have performed alongside acts like Raghav, Stereo Nation, Juggy D, Veronica and Bikram Singh. Bonafide are guaranteed crowd pleasers. With heaps of energy and great stage presence they have been creating a buzz amongst industry representatives and music lovers across the UK.

Bonafide’s music has been described as catchy, intelligent and deep by individuals who are at the forefront of the popular Brit-Asian musical revolution. Advocates of their music include Mark Strippel the Head of BBC Asian Network, who recently commented: "These musicians have entered my audio-conscious and left a distinctive mark on my brain".

Previously, Bonafide stormed the music scene by releasing a version Charles and Eddie’s 90’s hit ‘Would I Lie To You’ with their own unique twist on it. The track was released as 'Look Into My Eyes’ and became a big underground hit with extensive airplay on BBC Radio 1xtra, BBC Asian Network, Galaxy and Clubasia just to name a few.

Creating the debut album - Life Through Melody, the guys worked alongside DJ Fritz, Gorrilla Chilla, Cecil Zinyukun and many others including French-Arabic rapper KO, Billa Sahota and Surjit Anakhi. The album covers various genres of music and not only showcases the lads as songwriters, lyricists and rappers, but also their Bi-lingual fluency of Hindi and Punjabi.

With the Ishq Hogaya track and video already making its rounds across media and driving the nation into a frenzy, the future is bright for the genuine Brit-Asian musical article – that’s Bonafide!

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