C'mon C'mon...R U Ready To Be Reloaded!! (Video)

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The track 'Aaja Aaja' is taken from the forthcoming album 'Reloaded' by DJ H & DJ Rags. It features the talents of Labh Janjua and Pooja Kumar.

This sensational feature was put together by Ballistic Productions in full HD quality and was shot in some exclusive areas of Dubai UAE.

The full version of this infectious song with it's Arabic melody will be available shortly, until than enjoy the teaser!


-1 #3 Guest 2008-05-07 23:34
what\'s the point of having punjabi music sites such as this and others, if you can\'t even communicate simple, fundamental information - we want to know the release date? Is that too much to ask? Instead we are bombarded by the same promo video over and over again, wherever we look. \'Out Soon\' simply is not good enough.
+1 #2 anita 2008-05-07 12:42
hmmm sounds good lets wait for album, a lot of money has been into this by the looks of it?
+1 #1 MANA 2008-05-06 18:10
cantttttt wait mannnnnnn 4 this albummmmm...... .yeaaaaaaaah

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