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Jaz Dhami - Notorious (Video)

Out now the video titled Notorious by Jaz Dhami. Music by YeahProof. Lyrics are penned by Rav Hanjra

Notorious pulls you in from the first beat! Rav Hanjra's high energy composition, Jaz Dhami's versatile vocals and Yeah Proof's signature sounds makes this your hype song of the season.

This is Jaz Dhami's fourth single of the year, and his most favourite too "I've really enjoyed making this one, Rav's lyrics got me gassed straightaway, I love his writing style and we've previously only worked on senti songs. I really wanted Proof's production on this, I'm so happy with the way it's turned out, its all pieced together so well, and the video compliments it perfectly. Listening to the song just gets me hyped."

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