Surjit Khan, Mukhtar Sahota - Gallan Pyar Diyan (Video)

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After the hit tracks, ‘Dil Di Kitaab’, ‘Jhanjran’ and ‘Sazaa’ by Mukhtar Sahota & Surjit Khan, the duo is back together with a romantic ballad, ‘Gallan Pyar Diyan’!

With lyrics by ‘Raj Gurmeet’ who previously wrote the lyrics for ‘Dil Di Kitaab’ for the duo. The Music is by ‘Mukhtar Sahota’ and vocals by ‘Surjit Khan’. Gallan Pyar Diyan is a romantic ballad with an urban vibe with powerful vocals by Surjit Khan combined with Mukhtar Sahota’s signature sound!

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