Jaz Dhami - Kiwe Dassa (Video)

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Out now Produced by Alan Sampson, featuring Lyrics by PropheC, Jaz Dhami, SP & Alan Sampson is the track titled Kiwe Dassa by Jaz Dhami!

A decade since making his debut, Jaz Dhami begins a new chapter in his musical journey. Starting with Kiwe Dassa.

Having achieved much success in his 10 year career, Jaz felt he'd lost himself somewhere along the way. Unhappy with the direction his music and song choices were going, he decided to take a step back and assess the root of his frustrations. He found it came from him trying to follow the current trends and meet expectations of the Punjabi music scene.

Jaz recognised he needed to shed that mentality and go back to square one.

After a meeting with producer Alan Sampson, Jaz found the co-collaborator and energy he was searching for. Musically there was an instant synergy between the two. Kiwe Dassa, and Jaz's forthcoming EP are an expression of this newly found musical freedom.

"I want to make music in all genres, but just do it on my terms, no restrictions. Music is about being free, it's a personal expression, I want to use that freedom to express what makes my soul happy." Jaz Dhami

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