Jenny Johal -Nakhra (Video)

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Watch the Video to the song Nakhra sung by Jenny Johal. The music is given by Laddi Gill while lyrics are penned by Vicky Dhaliwal and read what she has lined up for us in future.

Let us now move to one of the top female artists in the industry Jenny Johal! Through her songs such as ‘Narma’ which was a massive hit worldwide and still a popular track played today, ‘Rakaan’ and ‘Yaari Jatti Di’ she had secured a strong fan base.

A desire for music at a young age, female artist Jenny Johal has had a quiet year compared to other artists but that does not mean she has been sitting idle. International tours have taken a lot of the artists time which results in fewer releases. However, quality is more important than quantity. Jenny is trying out new concepts in her music to avoid repetition which you can see by watching the video to ‘Gold Wargi’ and the release of a lyrical video, which are more popular these days, entitled ’32 Bore.’

‘2018 has been amazing! ‘Gold Wargi’ was a big success and I’m overwhelmed by the response I got from all the Punjabi listeners around the globe!

I think it has been a spectacular journey. Life is always changing. It’s like a rollercoaster ride where you have many good days and have hard times too. But I am glad that I always have had good support and got immense love from my fans all over the world and I cherish their love.

Next year I will be dropping many songs back to back and they are going to be a next level hopefully and looking forward to working with my favourite professionals soon.’

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