GV feat. Rohit Kumar - Mirror (Video)

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GV is back with an amazing new concept album Starve The Ego - check out the video to 'Mirror' featuring Rohit Kumar here!

GV’s collaborations have received great accolades – notably with Garry Sandhu on the hit song Fresh – and more recently the track Dynamite that he wrote for Jazzy B, Roach Killa and Dr Zeus has proved an truly explosive hit.

Now GV is back with an amazing new concept album: Starve The Ego. He has not only written and produced it himself – no mean feat for a UK-born musician – but also taken us in a whole new direction with its dark themes of struggle and identity faced by inner-city youth. He has also commissioned some stunning and thought-provoking visual material to accompany the tracks on the album.

Drug abuse, dirty politics, greed, an unhealthy desire for fame and riches, are just a few of the themes tackled on this exceptional masterwork. It is not all doom and gloom however; there is a positive anti-gun, self-belief message conveyed throughout the album. It is current, provocative, relevant and accessible and is certain to prove an unbelievable comeback by GV after a short hiatus while he was hard at work developing the concept.

With a launch date of 18th October, this eagerly-anticipated work is set to be a real smash. Until then, fans will be thrilled to learn that three singles are being released in several formats and on various platforms.

The first single to be launched is On The Run, which sees the light of day on 9th September and tells of the existential angst of striving to be something other than oneself in the virtual world of social media, often at the expense of those nearest and dearest to you, how ultimately the pen is mightier than the gun and the themes of altruism and selfless respect towards one’s fellow beings.

Starve The Ego will definitely give you food for thought and it is certain to boost GV’s burgeoning fan base, as well as introducing him to a whole new audience of appreciative admirers.

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