Anmol Gagan Mann - Tralle (Video)

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One of the leading female artists in the Punjabi industry Anmol Gagan Mann releases her latest song with Garry Atwal called Tralle!

The video is shot by Rupan bal a YouTube sensation but the man behind videos like Daaru Band by Mankirt.

Jattan de puttan nu mudo shaunk ne Trackaan de...

Yardaan ch khade ne tralle billo lakhaan de...

This new dance song depicts the Jatt & their love for Trucks (Tralle). Music is given by Gur Sidhu and penned down by Garry Atwal & Anmol Gagan Maan.


0 #1 RE: Anmol Gagan Mann - Tralle (Video)Sandlas. 2018-09-01 21:23
hanji kidan laga fir bakwass song

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