Sunanda Sharma - Morni (Video)

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Amar Audio & Pinky Dhaliwal Presents the video to "Morni" by Sunanda Sharma, the words of this song penned down by Jaani, music arranged by Sukh-E and a dance Video Shot by Arvindr Khaira.

Well, it’s not just the men in the Punjabi music industry but female singers also share the place known for their contribution to folk or the urban music as well.

Known for her romantic and peppy numbers, Sunanda is one of such artists from Punjabi Music Industry. Sunanda, the singer turned actor has always rocked the music charts with her singles, 'Billi Akhh","Pataake" and "Jani Tera Naa" being at the top.

Along with singing, she is well recognized for the charisma she holds with her dance moves.

She landed into controversy following the release of her song "Pataake" for which she was criticizedof making Punjabi women more materialistic. On the other hand, the song was hugely appreciated by the audience from all over the world.

Written by Jaani, the track has music by Sukh-E. Sunanda looks being featured in a very chic look, as hints the poster of the song.


Rav Handu
0 #2 RE: Sunanda Sharma - Morni (Video)Rav Handu 2018-08-18 17:05
It just feels awkward when she acts like a kid but in reality she is a grown up women.
Ranjit Singh.
0 #1 RE: Sunanda Sharma - Morni (Video)Ranjit Singh. 2018-08-18 17:04
we want to see you as was in the past the simple and innocent these kind of songs are not suitable for you!!

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