Rupinder Handa - Stay Away (Video)

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Saga Hits presents Rupinder Handa’s next single titled ‘Stay Away’. The music has been composed by B Trix, lyrics penned by Shanky D and video directed by Josan Sandeep.

Rupinder’s previous release ‘Parwah Ni Kardi’ was a huge success as her powerful vocal suited very well with the lyrics. This combination is what makes Rupinder’s songs unique and interesting to listen to.

Through her songs she like to illustrate that women are just as strong as men. Looking at the title it looks like she is trying to create that image again but in a different way.

A powerful and melodic chartbuster Stay Away with high upbeats, mesmerizing and melodious vocals of female voice "Rupinder Handa" that will make you feel energetic and excited. The female voice that will soon hit all the music records.

A Josan Bros Film.

Captivating musical song reflects the fact that girls are no less than boys and they are always "queen of speed" as depicted by Rupinder Handa in this song.

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0 #1 Rupinder Handa - Stay Away (Video)Arvin 2018-07-17 07:36
Very different style from her, interesting x

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