Navv Inder - DMND (Video)

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Presenting the video to the track titled DMND by Navv Inder while lyrics are penned by Navi Ferozpurwala, the music is by Mr.Nakulogic

With 124+ Million views and most played song of 2015 "Wakhra Swag", here is a super high peppy dance number giving a feeling of Punjabi folk music with some strong Punjabi Hip-hop beats. The beats of the Tabla & Dholak in the track are very mellow which blends amazingly with the sweet tempo matching up to the wonderful rhythmic beats of the track. The track is more like an electronic peppy dance track with stylish vocals and incredible lyrics penned by Navi Ferozpurwala. The lyrics nuances the feeling of love by appreciating her beauty.

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