Kaur B - Engaged Jatti (Video)

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Photoaan JassBajwa

‘Kaur B‘ the very talented melodious queen of the Punjabi music industry is back with a bang with her new song ‘Engaged Jatti’.

Kaur B, a beautiful face along with a powerful voice has always entertained music lovers with her numerous tracks with debut song "Pizza Hut". She is mostly appreciated for the melodious renditions in her husky voice. The caliber she holds in her singing strengthens her more.

Killer Eyes, Velly Jatt, Main Geet Purane Sundi Aan, Paranda, Kaniyan, Sunakhi are her top solo songs. She also had sung a few duets in collaboration with Jassi Gill, Jazzy B and Amrit Mann. "Mittran de Boot' sung along jazzy B was the most popular duet track from her musical charts.

Now, Kaur B is back with her latest single ‘Engaged Jatti’ produced under T Series banner. The music is composed by Desi Crew, while the lyrics are by Kaptaan. Navraj Raja, the well known video director has directed the Video.

The new single"Engaged Jatti" looks expressive tageting the young females fans, as most of his tracks talk about relationships and love.

This tracks also for sure looks like a dance number, so be ready to burn the dance floor with bhangra and giddha moves.

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