Parmish Verma - Shada (Video)

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Video director and now also a singer Parmish Verma releases his next single entitled ‘Shada’ with music label Speed Records.

The music is composed by Desi Crew and lyrics penned by Sarba Maan.

His previous release ‘Kache Pakke Yaar’, received an overwhelming response that the expectations for this future releases are rising!

Being a video director has also benefitted him as he can direct the video to his preference so it portrays the story exactly how he wishes.

He has demonstrated this in the past with his debut song ‘Le Chakk Main Aa Geya’ which was shot with his close friends and family. The song was very close to him as it told the story of his past and the struggle he faced to get to where he is now.

And then ‘Kache Pakke Yaar’ was directed in different countries such as Australia and Canada. The video also had his friends and family around the world to show true friends and family stay together forever regardless where they have moved.

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