Gagan Kokri - Blessings Of Bebe (Video)

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Check out the full video of Blessings Of Bebe (bebe ardaasan teriyan) by Gagan Kokri, music by Laddi gill and lyrics by Jaggi Jagowal.

In the era when everyone is self-obsessed with their own style, own achievements and moreover so called attitudes, they address self as superiors to others; in actual what they are not.

Thanklessness is a big issue among young talents where being egotistical the priority but not the humbleness. May be it is towards the friends, the well-wishers or sometimes the parents too.

They say “God cannot be everywhere so he created mothers”. The statement is the first one to come to our minds when thinks of the mother love.

Gagan Sandhu Kokri, the young Punjabi artist has come up with his new single “Blessings of Bebe” which he had dedicated to his mother, and indeed all mothers on this planet.

Hailing from Kokri Village in Punjab but currently settled in Australia, Gagan has traveled a way long to reach the position he always had dreamt of and of course he is thankful to his parents about whom he always had mentioned in his interviews.

“Blessings of Bebe” talks about the selfless love of a mother to her children. The tireless efforts every mother does to make her children successful in their lives. The two way love and affection between the children and the mothers, the unsaid feelings and expressions that a child holds for his/her mothers, a pure emotional track it may be called.

Erstwhile to the latest release, “Blessings Of Bapu’ was his single. “Blessings of Bebe’ indeed expresses the endless and unconditional love”. The song for sure talks about each of us, it relates to everyone who have succeeded in fulfilling their dreams and are being thankful to what they achieved.

The song has been beautifully picturized by Manav Shah. Music is by Laddi Gall wherein the heart touching Lyrics are by Jaggi Jagowal.

Music label is Saga Music.

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