Jaswinder Brar ft. Sachin Ahuja - Kamm Dian “Tinn Gallan"

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Amar Audio Presents the video to the song Tin Gallan (Epic Bhangra) by Jaswinder Brar Music by Sachin Ahuja.

Although the music industry these days is attracted mostly towards the hip-hop/pop or other music styles, there still are the artists who love folk music.

Jaswinder Brar is such a prominent name in the Punjabi music industry and has earned a special place. She has a melodious and soothing voice.

Delievering numerous hits since two decades with her debut "Ranjha Jogi Ho Gya" in 2000, Jaswinder always had been praised for her loud and high notes. Whatever she has sung is meaningful and folk only.

Jaswinder, again has marked her presence in the Music World with her music album “Tin Gallan”. The first track from the album "Kalyug" was released on 13th January.

The second music video from the album entitled "Tinn Gallan - The Epic Bhangra" is a beat song with meaningful lyrics.

The songs also features the famous Music Director Sachin Ahuja.

Sachin is undoubtedly the established music director of Punjabi Music industry.

Known as an ace and melodious music king, the romantic and sad songs composed and recorded by him had ruled the music charts always.

"Tinn Gallan" is musically produced and composed by Sachin Ahuja himself. We bet audience will love this collaboration as always.

Music label for Album "Tinn Gallan" is Amar Audio.

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