Prit DV8 - Suit Patiala (Video)

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"Suit Patiala" - Prit DV8 returns with a dance floor banger for the Valentines season with Suit Patiala - watch the video here!

Hailing from the north, vocalist Prit DV8 (aka Pritpal Rayat) is no newcomer to the UK Bhangra music scene. He is now set to release his forthcoming desi bhangra single titled "Suit Patiala" exclusively presented by Shera Productions featuring Suki Kaila and Kam Frantic. The single will be available for download worldwide on Thursday 15th February 2018 via all digital media outlets.

Prit has taken his passion and experience over his previous releases (Nikki Gal and Pasand) to produce 4 minutes of what is probably his best single to date. He has shown his versatility as an artist through his vocal ability and created a catchy track that can be enjoyed by all audiences groups. The music production for Suit Patiala has been provided by the well established duo Suki Kaila and Kam Frantic, whom have always worked closely alongside Prit with his previous releases. They have kept the composition simple with incorporation of traditional folk instruments such as the tumbi and harmonium, leading to engineer a unique sound not heard before.

The lyrical content for Suit Patiala has been penned by the world renowned Gurmit Billichao, who has also been responsible for writing the global hits - Chalakiyan and Mera Mahi Tu Patya to name a few. It is clean and flows well, which Prit feels is what the audience will appreciate.


+2 #3 RE: Prit DV8 - Suit Patiala (Video)chinjatt 2018-03-19 18:09
dam autotune to the max ahahaa
0 #2 Prit DV8 - Suit Patiala (Video)Elisa 2018-03-17 23:52
Can surely improve does show that isnt vocally trained see what he does in the futiure
+1 #1 Prit DV8 - Suit Patiala (Video)Inderpal 2018-02-20 03:13
Vocals have surely improved, music by Kam is always good for production 6/10

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