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Dippa Dosanjh - Dhola Veh Dhola Medley (Video)



The remake of the hit 90's classic Dhola Veh Dhola! Dippa Dosanjh teams up with Panjabi By Nature for his brand new solo album, which will feature this 'Dhola Veh Dhola' 2007. The video features talented musicians Tubsy (Percussion) & Byron (Sax). The first part of the medley features the song 'Aaja Mere Kohl' which features Sumeet and Cheshire Cat. The video also features the Back2Back Dancers.

 The album 'Dhola Veh Dhola' is out soon on Limitless Records.

Editors Comments
Dear oh dear another remake!, Dippa Dosanjh is a very talented vocalist, lets hope this album does justice to his brilliant vocals. I dont think there was any need for a remake, although of course it will be VERY popular and a big factor in trying to sell this album to the public, so a smart move on Limitless, who also try to push their albums with at least one dancefloor anthems. However i still maintain that PBN has yet to produce a solid album throughout, lets hope this one does not have any fillers with it already being 8 tracks! The Dhola Veh Dhola is not much of a remake more of a 'improvment' on the original, it contains basically everything the original has but updates it to 2007.