Gurdev Singh Feat Bups Saggu - Kahdi Hasiya (Video)

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Watch the video by Debut Singer Gurdev Singh to the single Kahdi Hasiya!

Gurdev Singh born and raised in East London before moving to Suffolk over 10 years ago. Growing up Gurdev’s love for music came from watching Bollywood films, He would watch Bollywood films from different generations to listen to songs he liked.

From Gurdev’s teens into his twenty’s he became a popular face singing at family and friends functions, from weddings to party’s Gurdev has sung with some of the greatest artists & bands in the bhangra industry such as Shin DCS & Silinder Paredesi.

His debut songs sees a collaboration with one of UKs most talented music producers Bups Saggu and the lyrics of Happy Bains. Bups who is known to produce back to back hits gives his bhangra beats to this song accompanied by Gurdevs modern sound. Gurdev is passionate about working with old and new talent making his name in the industry.

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