Geeta Zaildar - Mere Naa Da Hashtag (Video)

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T-Series presents Geeta Zaildar's next single entitled 'Mere Naa Da Hashtag.' The music is composed by Mista Baaz and lyrics penned by the singer himself Geeta Zaildar.

Geeta grew up listening to Punjabi legends such as Kuldip Manak and Gurdas Maan as he loved cultural music. You can see he has reflected this love through his music and videos as they are shot in the 'Pind' and fields.

However this does not mean Geeta has only focused his videos in that environment. He has also shown variety in his videos, for example in 'Matak Matak' and 'Heartbeat.'

Check out his new track 'Mere Naa Da Hashtag.'

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