G. Sidhu ft. Epic Bhangra - Sapni (Video)

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For the release of 'Sapni', G Sidhu has teamed up with Epic Bhangra, watch the video here!

G Sidhu follows up the success from his previous tracks 'Mundri' which featured music from Urban Kinng and was directed by Punjabi Youtuber Rupan Bal and most recently the song 'Candlelight Dinner' which was once again featured music from Urban Kinng and directing from Rupan Bal.

These latest 2 releases have definitely put G Sidhu on the map and have made their way all over the world with Mundri and Candlelight Dinner being played at all wedding functions anywhere you go.

Jovan caught up with him and this is what he had to say about the release, "One day I was driving and these lyrics just came to me within minutes and I was really enjoying the fun vibe of it. What I love about the track is that this song has been created since 3 years agoand it still sounded fresh till date and I was bumping to it with same energy like I did when I first heard it. Overall, Sapni is a fun track, that should get you on your feet from the moment the song starts and big shoutout to Epic Bhangra for great work with music production!"

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