Parmish Verma - Le Chakk Main Aa Geya (Video)

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Video director Parmish Verma has released his much awaited debut single as a singer entitled 'Le Chakk Main Aa Geya' with music label Juke Dock. The music has been composed by Desi Crew and the lyrics penned by Jimmy Kotkapura.

As most of you are aware it has not been an easy journey for Parmish as he has faced a lot of struggle in life before becoming an extremely successful video director.

He was rewarded for his success earlier this year at the PTC Punjabi Music Awards where he received two awards, first as the Best Music Video Director for the song 'Khaab' and secondly the Best Music Video for the song 'Mere Sardarniye.'

However, he decided not to stop there! He has now opened his wings and will be showcasing his hidden talent which I am sure you are all eager to see.

Firstly, the release of 'Le Chakk Main Aa Geya,' a song which is really close to his heart.

Many may think it is easy to move abroad and life will be much brighter than what they are currently going through.

However this song illustrates the struggle Parmish faced whilst he was abroad living as a student and how he had to adapt to the environment whether it was his education or work life.

Also, don't forget 18th August 2017 is another big day for Parmish with the release of his debut film 'Rocky Mental' where you will see what more he has to show to his fans!

As you can gather this month is very important for him as he is taking a turning point in his career. However this does not mean we won't see him directing more videos.

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