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Gupsy Aujla - Pegg (Exclusive Video)


 (Note: Let Video Load Fully Before Play For Best Results!)

 Featuring the amazing raw vocals of Jaswinder Daghamia, 'Pegg' is off the forthcoming album by Gupsy Aujla titled 'My Story, Meri Kahani'. The album is out November 30th!

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Editors Comments 

The video is ok, good to see Jaswinder Daghamia getting some limelight for his amazing vocals. Ok so thats out the way...onto the song! Its one of the best songs i've heard this year and goes to show the progress Gupsy has made as an artist! Although it is a little cliche, singing about alcohol and all that, the song is very catchy! The production is brilliant, the album is out November 30th, make sure if you like what you hear, then go out and support the album! Its worth the price tag! Good albums need supporting in our industry, and this is most definitely one.