Ishmeet Narula - Red Baraat (Video)

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Ishmeet Narula has released 'Red Baraat' with music record label Yellow Music. The music has been produced by Desi Crew and lyrics written by SP Maan.

Ishmeet has worked with many well known artists in the industry. Last year she released 'Yaar Hunde Si' featuring MixSingh. She has also worked with the international music producer Bups Saggu for the track 'Battle Giddha' and Bee2 for 'Selfie.'

Through her singing she has shown her versatile voice has been appreciated by many people.

Rupinder caught up with Ishmeet and talked about her new single which she was glad because when looking at what she told her, it was a song, must listen to!

Can you please give me a quote about the track?

The song is about girls breaking barriers and standing up for themselves.

What inspired you to do the song?

The inspiration has been from several women who have faced heart break and disappointments and have never been able to express themselves.

This song breaks the barriers set for ages for women in our culture and shows what a woman can actually do. I feel the time is not far when this might actually start happening. To me the coming change is very positive.

Where did the idea of the song come from?

The idea came from our project manager Indi Billing. He told me that his friend SP Maan has written something very different and I should take a look. I heard the song and felt it was way too strong for the present time. However, I slept over it and woke up with a completely different mindset and felt strongly that someone has to tell this story. I realized that this is exactly how I would like to write and sing for a man who betrays me.

What do you have coming next?

Next is Ishmeet Narula’s own Youtube Channel. In just a couple of months’ time, I am coming up with several new songs. Music is my passion and it keeps me alive. I realized that I must keep on singing because that is what my audience wants. Nothing should hold an artist back; be it running after music companies or finding out ways to promote your music business.

When we indulge ourselves in the business of music, somewhere the creativity is lost. Being an independent artist, I have struggled a lot to bring my product to my audience. I want my audience to decide the destiny of my songs based on their merit. As you would see Ishmeet Narula in Red Baraat, I think I am pretty similar in real life.

Thank you Ishmeet for telling us about you new track and future which i am sure not a lot of people expected! Keep a look out for Ishmeet's new YouTube channel and please check out her new track 'Red Baraat!'

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