Jass Bajwa - Dil De Raaje (Video)

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The one behind the tracks 'Nose Pin' and 'Yaar Bamb', Jass Bajwa releases his next single entitled 'Dil De Raaje' with music record label Next Level Music Ltd. The music is composed by Deep Jandu and the lyrics are penned by Amrit Maan.

Amrit is also the lyricists behind the super-hit tracks 'Jatt Fire Karde', 'Haan Kargi' and many more. Not only is he a lyricist, he is also a very successful singer with a powerful voice. Last year he collaborated with the 'Crown Prince of Bhangra' Jazzy B and Kaur B for the release of 'Shikaar' and recently teamed up with Jasmine Sandlas for the track entitled 'Bamb Jatt.'

Canadian artist Deep Jandu recently composed the music to Navi Sidhu track 'Black Eyes' and 'Snitch' by Elly Mangat featuring Karan Aujla.

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Bhangra singh
-1 #1 RE: Jass Bajwa - Dil De Raaje (Video)Bhangra singh 2017-03-24 18:41
Bad boy tune. Song has grown on me deep jandus a good producer with new singers

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