Garry Sandhu ft. Roach Killa - Excuses (Video)

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They are back! Roach Killa and Garry Sandhu have teamed up once again for their next single 'Excuses.' The song has been produced by Vee.

Over the years the pair have worked together and released many successful tracks of different genres such as 'Din Raat', 'Dil De De' and 'Ik Gal Remix.'

Roach Killa has been very busy as he recently released the track entitled 'Lahore' alongside Dr Zeus and Gippy Grewal.

And after a long break from the music industry Garry Sandhu released the track entitled 'Laddu' alongside Jasmine Sandlas. Both songs have received an overwhelming response from their fans!

Roach and Garry's collaboration has proven to be a success and no doubt 'Excuses' will also be the same!

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