Goldy Desi Crew ft. Priya Bharat Khanna - Teri Kamli (Video)

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Goldy releases “Tere Kamli” after the success of “Dasi Na Mere Bare” and “Jetha Putt” here’s what he had to say to about the track!

“Teri Kamli” was released today, how have you managed to keep this song different from the others? (Dasi Na Mere Bare, Jetha Putt)

The song is similar to Dasi Na Mere Bare as Tere Kamli is also a romantic song. I don’t want to give too much away as some might not have seen it yet but I feel as you will like the concept. The lyrics were again by Narinder Batth (same writer as Jetha Putt & Dasi Na Mere Bare) who’s a very good friend of mine and a great lyric writer. The composition was done by Sukhman Heer for the first time.

And how you’ve kept the video different from previous releases?

It was shot again by Parmish Verma and features Satpal (Desi Crew) & Priya Bharat as an actor who plays a main role in the video. You will see a difference from previous videos which I believe you all will enjoy.

You’ve achieved great success as a singer gaining 25 million views within your first 2 releases and proved an instant hit with fans worldwide, how does that feel?

This feels very good as a singer, I’m very proud of what I have achieved and very grateful. I started out as a feature on Gluab with Dilpreet Dhiilon which done very well, I then released my first solo track called Dasi Na Mere Bare which received a great response. From then on, my singing career picked up which I am very grateful for.

And finally, Any message for Simply Bhangra readers?

I appreciate all the support from Simply Bhangra and their readers, it’s a great platform which is recognized across the globe in Punjabi entertainment, thank you all for supporting.

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