Dr Subaig Singh Kandola - Vichoda (Video)

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Dr Subaig Singh Kandola continues to release hit after hit, watch the video to 'VICHODA' his latest track which is out now worldwide!

He has been teasing the track's release all week, even dropping artwork and a snippet from the music video. In the trailer clip, Dr Subaig Singh Kandola is seen walking in the middle of a gorgeous landscape in Ludhiana Punjab.

But now with the full track available on ITunes on Thursday 22nd December 2016, Dr Subaig Singh Kandola fans can take a better listen at the emotional lyrics in the song. Similar to "TERE JHOOTHIYE NI LAARE” and "NAZRAN FER KE" the lyrics to ‘’ VICHODA’’ have an expository message with an apologetic undertone.

Artist: Dr Subaig Singh Kandola, Music Director: King Beat, Video: Deep R Dee , Lyrics: Laddi Gobindpuri, Producer: Kulbir Kandola, Label: Mahaveer Records

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0 #1 Dr Subaig Singh Kandola - Vichoda (Video)Jerold 2017-01-11 11:03
Was okay not the best one, the producer let him down

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