Harbhajan Mann ft. Tigerstyle - Sher (Video)

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After almost spending two years working on the concept and music, Punjabi bhangra superstar Harbhajan Mann releases his new single, "Sher" - watch the video here!

In a conversation with Simply Bhangra, Mann said that he had been working with various music producers in the UK so that he could 'bring alive' the unique concept given to him by the legendary lyricist, Sardar Babu Singh Mann. However it was Tigerstyle, the young dynamic music duo from Glasgow, that Mann felt did justice to the song.

"The aim of the song is to highlight the instincts and passions of Punjabi's and how ,wherever they may be in the world, they are known for living their lives with 'anakh' (pride) and integrity. They are also known for their loyalty and their love whether it be for their beloved, their country or their faith, these are natural parts of their personalities. Just like a snake is never taught how to bite, or a lion's cub is never taught how to hunt, a true Punjabi never needs to be taught how to be benevolent and how to live an honourable life."

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