Fateh ft.The PropheC - Fame (Video)

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Fateh Doe has released the video to 'Fame' from his album titled 'Bring It Home' featuring The PropheC!

The artists featured on this album include Amar Sandhu, Pranna, PropheC, Mickey Singh, Raaginder, Pam and Mofolactic with the music being mixed and mastered by J Statik.

We have seen Fateh feature on tracks with PropheC such as 'Chall Mera Naal', 'Next', 'Body' with Mickey Singh, and 'Replaceable' with Amar Sandhu and Pranna and has worked very closely with one of the biggest Punjabi music producers Dr. Zeus where he featured on tracks like 22Da, Inch, Dar Lagda, Rendeh, Zulfa, Pakka Sharabi, Beparwaiyan, Black Suit, Painkiller and a few others.

Any time a rap is needed in a Punjabi track it seems that Fateh is the go to in the industry and has had alot of success doing it, we look forward to his 1st solo album.

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