Kraj - Haar Gaya (Video)

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Kraj is an independent artist based in London releases his latest track titled 'Haar Gaya' watch the video here - out now worldwide!

Kraj is an independent artist based in London, he started his career with a release of his first single few months ago with tseries called 'aja Soni' and the track was appreciated all around and was played On all major channels in India and Kraj received positive feedback from all around the world.

Now He is coming up with yet another release named as 'Haar Gaya' it's goin to be out on 7th of November with a label called 7milestone record label India,track is an romantic number but has very commercial side feel to it with a really lavish video which leaves you mesmerised.

The video has been directed by Akash who is very talented and known friend of mine too who has also been in direction field since few years now the video was shot in Kent(Hastings).

Kraj mentioned that he has also been planning for few more of his releases coming up and will be announcing dates as per the projects confirmation with the label.

He also said he really feel fortunate for people to listen to his music and support his tracks such as 'aja soni' the way guys have supported 'aja soni' was just so special and makes all the hard work being done on the video & audio been paid off through the feedbacks I have been receiving and I want to take this moment to thank every one of you guys and wish all of you to be as supportive as you guys have been and make sure you guys show your love and support for the track releasing on 7th November.

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