Zora Randhawa ft. Dr. Zeus - Peshi (Video)

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Check out the video to the track 'Peshi' by The team that brought you one of the biggest dance floor anthems of 2015 is back together again, Zora Randhawa featuring Music Dr. Zeus!

Dr Zeus introduced Zora Randhawa with the super hit “Inch” in January 2015. The song is still featured on DJ playlists across the Globe and one of the most requested floorfillers by partygoers. It’s no surprise then that it now boasts over 16 Million YouTube hits, not forgetting holding the number 1 chart position on the BBC Asian Download chart for 3 weeks.

Following a world tour due to the success of his debut song, Zora released his next single “22Da” in November 2015, which saw another collaboration with Fateh Doe, who also featured on “Inch” and introduced another member of this heavyweight team Jay K, who provided the music.

Following the trend of his first song, “22Da” delivered another dance floor anthem with crisp high budget video, which also featured a cameo from Mickey Singh. His faithful fan base rushed to get a look at this new offering helping to take the song to the top of the charts and amass a huge 5.5 Million hits on YouTube to date.

Dr Zeus continues to go from strength to strength. Having firmly established himself as one of the biggest Punjabi music producers in the world, he is now a global phenomenon in Bollywood. Recently collaborating again with the crown prince of bhangra Jazzy B he humbly responds to all interviews with the subtle statement “The best is yet to come”.

Continuing the upward trajectory of both of these artists, it was inevitable and expected that both would meet again to deliver that winning formula in 2016 and they have not disappointed.

“Peshi” released worldwide on Speed Records in July and has seen a phenomenal response, both on radio and DJ playlists. Not only has the new song pleased their existing fan base, but also helped bring along a whole host of new fans loving what they hear.

Being different and some are even saying trendsetting, the team have released the song for four weeks without a video which has left fans guessing and screaming in anticipation of what or when this three minutes and forty second shoulder shaker will be complemented with some visual art. Given the fact that Zora has already delivered two high quality and crisp videos, shown on TV channels throughout the world and racking up a phenomenal 21 million hits between his two songs on YouTube, what will he do next?

“Peshi” does not disappoint. The official video will finally quench the thirst of all those waiting for a month and grace its presence on their screens on 31st July. Its seems just with his songs and live performances, Zora has raised the bar once more with a high end video shot in Brooklyn, New York and British Columbia (Canada).

The teaser was released on 26th July generating excitement amongst all his fans worldwide and the story for the video follows the message in this anthem. The video has been directed by world famous Sukh Sanghera and is been tipped as one of the biggest budget Asian music videos to date. Our team have managed to see a sneak peek and can share the theme includes everything from drama, comedy and action and potentially the biggest car chase in an Asian music video to date.

Having already featured in Panjabi movies and delivering high quality offerings like this, one does have to wonder if this young man has a potential future in Hollywood, possibly even an introduction in a future offering from the Fast & Furious franchise. This might sound farfetched, but I’m sure it will make sense when you see this video to compliment another sure fire hit track for Zora in an ever present illustrious career.

Zora Randhawa is here for the long haul and this third single proves he is doing it in the fast lane, with everyone else playing catch up.

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