Jassi Sidhu - Dance Like Govinda (Video)

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Jassi Sidhu returns with his new song 'Dance Like Govinda' with music by Bups Saggu!

'Dance like Govinda' has been produced by Bups Saggu with lyrics by Jassi Sidhu/Bups Saggu. The video was shot by Ameet Chana.

Song - Dance Like Govinda

Singer - Jassi Sidhu Ft. Govinda

Music - Bups Saggu

Rap - John Reckless

Lyrics - Jassi Sidhu/ Bups Saggu

Choreographer - Ganesh Acharya

Director - Ameet Chana


Rama C
+1 #1 RE: Jassi Sidhu - Dance Like Govinda (Video)Rama C 2016-05-10 07:25
Hmm not feeling this song geared so much for the India market and where Jassi says UK bhangra is alive this says otherwise :/

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