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“CHOOTI YAARI” ft. Surinder Shinda (Free download Remix By DDC Records!)


Lots of old music is respected as many big singers and new comers still take certain elements out of the old folk tracks to put into there own songs. I found myself looking for an old skool track that no body has attempted to re-mix from many super hits are around.

The song is ft legendry Surinder Shinda and from my knowledge I do not think anyone has used this melody. Lyrics are massive thing for me as the song must have a good meaning and as the folk songs go they have a lot of meaning and history compared to today’s lyrics. I totally agree that times have moved on and listeners want something new and bit cheesy but simple but one question that arises every time in my mind is if times have moved on that much then why are such artists still to this day taking hints of old skool tracks and using them in there own songs?

My job as a folk music fanatic is to keep doing what I enjoy in my production and then worry about everything later and this song I re mixed titled “CHOOTI YAARI” in my opinion has a great vibe to it and is it to just share and capture a younger crowed who also like to hear such legends slightly in keep with the newer style of music. I feel strongly about doing remixes but this is something I dug out, that I done several years ago that I managed to touch it up most recently this year.

Thanks all media worldwide for all your on going support and thanks to Nick Sharman (Bass), Jeevan Chauhan (Tabla & Dholak) & Suraj Channa (covers).

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