KMH Ft. Bik Gill - Modha Marke (Free Download)

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Bhangra Producer Gurteshwar Grewal A.k.a KMH has been cooking up a storm in the studio for the past 1 year and is ready to unleash a fresh new wave of Bhangra Music for the listeners through out the globe.

KMH is launching himself thru the launch of his song MODHA MARKE. The song features the vocals of Very talented Bik Gill.

Bik started his musical journey at a very young age as he became fascinated by Indian classical music and started integrating his passion for classical music into other genres in music.

This song will be a debut single for Bik and as well as for the Production house behind it i.e. KIDAH MUSC HOUSE (KMH). So, check it! Bump it! share it!


+8 #4 RE: KMH Ft. Bik Gill - Modha Marke (Free Download)gurpreet28 2014-08-19 15:46
Vadiya gana yaar
uk yankee
0 #3 RE: KMH Ft. Bik Gill - Modha Marke (Free Download)uk yankee 2014-08-17 23:19
Canada is stepping up I guess. Good job
+1 #2 RE: KMH Ft. Bik Gill - Modha Marke (Free Download)GN 2014-08-17 20:52
This is Fresh, singer has a good voice and the songs catchy. The mastering on the song isn't 100% but I wouldn't expect it to be 100% since its a free download track, really good for a first single looking forward for more.
+7 #1 boombombay 2014-08-17 16:08
This song is sick! killed it

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