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Free Download: Jugpreet Bajwa ft. Nick Chowlia - Dil Vich

"Dil Vich" basically a romantic song wherein the boy is disclosing to the girl how deeply he loves her and how much has life changed ever since she has become a part of his life.

Check out the video for 'Dil Vich' by Jugpreet Bajwa aka Juggy Jag featuring music by Nick Chowlia & the lyricist is Gagan Brars! The song is out now as a free download!

The writer of the song is conveying his feelings in this song by telling the girl that first she touched his heart then immediately she became a part of his entire being. Jugpreet Bajwa sings this song perfectly and brings out the emotions expressed. Nick Chowlia's music heightens emotions of the lover. The refrain, rhythmic effects of this song are so soulful that any one irrespective of his/her age, religion, caste or creed cannot restrain himself or herself appreciating the beauty of the song.

Jugpreet lost both of his eyes at a very young age when he was only six months old due to eye cancer. Music became passion for Jugpreet right from his childhood as he used to eat and sleep while listening to the melodies and enjoying the music. Jugpreet is capable of singing in different genres . He has received his training from the renowned gurus. He was six years old when he performed in front of big audience. He never lets his blindness come in his way . Never did this handicap discourage him in achieving his dream.

Jugpreet is known as Juggy Jag in the world of music. Blessed with melodious voice, coupled with his exposure to classical ragas, he has already captured the hearts of all those who happened to listen to him. He won Bollywood 'Ek Tara in 2008' and 'Red FM Idol' in 2010. He was honored with the 'Community Leadership Award' in 2010 and also was conferred with 'Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Award' in 2013. He has won numerous awards and titles and this space is too short to list all of them!