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Hargo Boparai ft. Bakshi Billa - Fearless (Free Download)

Fearless Hargo Boparai

Bakshi Billa is back with a new track "Fearless" produced by American based Hargo Boparai. After singing many worldwide hits, Bakshi Billa's versatile and powerful voice is in high gear; lyrically highlighting the pride and fearlessness of Punjabis.

Hargo Boparai has created many worldwide hits such as the musically traditional track "Kente Wale Gabaroo", and the upbeat electro track "Taur". Sticking to his love for folk sounds with a modern twist, the song features assorted folk instruments including the tumbi, sarangi, flute, and harmonium flawlessly mixed with traditional beats.

The track will be accompanied by a colorful and vibrant video that was shot on location in Punjab with Bakshi Billa.
The song will be available as a free download on November 12th, 2013!


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