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DCS - Just Chillin (Free Download)

DCS are back in the recording studios and have promised that they are going to unleash some mega tracks upon their music loving fans - listen to promo for the upcoming free download here!

JUST CHILLIN' which will be available from the DCS web site on Friday 11th October 2013.

"We have been out of the studio too long but are now itching to get our music to the people out there who appreciate good music with a difference. We have always had our own unique style and sound but are now collaborating with happening music producers to get a fresh twist on things.”

JUST CHILLIN’ is a fun track that carries a message for hard working people in high pressured jobs out there...”Work hard but don't forget to play, relax and spend time JUST CHILLIN!”

DCS are making this track available as a free download to say thanks to all their fans around the world and to kick start a spree of releases coming soon. Keep watching this space. #justchillin

DOWNLOAD at: www.dcs-band.com

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