Duniya House Remix (Indy Sagu Introducing The Prodiigy)

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After the latest release of the new single Dunyia by Indy Sagu featuring Tarun Sagar, fans were encouraged to actively participate in taking the opportunity to personally vote for the Dunyia Remix of their musical genre preference.


From Indy Sagu to his fans as promised Lioncore Records is announcing the release of the winning Free House Remix Dunyia by ‘The Prodiigy.’ Further to this Lioncore Records is publically announcing the official introduction of ‘The Prodiigy’ Artist who signed to the record label a few years ago and has actively been working behind closed doors in the studio on various forthcoming musical projects.

‘The Prodiigy’ also known as Zoravar Singh Hanjrah from Brampton, Ontario Canada is the long time Student of Indy and is signed under the Lioncore Records label as a niche House Electro DJ and Record Producer. At age 16 he became the student of Indy and began professionally learning the various aspects of music production with the goal of introducing a new sound into the South Asian music industry. After nearly five years of committed learning and working closely together behind closed doors, The Prodiigy is now set to make his Debut with the House Remix for Indy’s single Dunyia and to further make his introduction into the South Asian music industry as the first niche House Electro Bhangra DJ and Record Producer.

The House Remix takes the original single’s vocals of Legendary Master Saleem’s student Tarun Sagar who is referred to as the Voice of Delhi and incorporates an entirely new record production thereby creating a completely new single mixed with Energetic House and Electro elements, rhythms and beats. The entire remix was mixed and mastered in house at Lioncore studios. The boys forget about the whole world while chasing after you is the catchy theme of the song showcasing extraordinary traditional vocals fused into a true Bhangra Electro House Single for summer jamming. It’s the perfect summer single to get you dancing wherever you are, the single buildup and drop will surely lift you from your seat onto the dance floor clapping.

Zoravar, The Prodiigy born and raised in Brampton, grew up as a child who always had a true passion for music of all genres, particularly House and Bhangra. His musical and record production inspirations come from influential artists both in the Bhangra and Mainstream markets that include the likes of his main mentor and teacher Indy Sagu and the likes of Sukshinder Shinda, Armin Van Burren, Bally Sagoo, RDB, The Sahotas, Tiesto, Sweadish House Mafia, David Guetto and Chuckie. On his 16 th birthday Zoravar received his first present being a keyboard and began researching more about the production aspect of music after a friend of his introduced him to music software, after a few months of experimenting with various beat patterns and loops he became very fascinated in further gaining knowledge of music. During this time Indy had been establishing a professional studio in Toronto with the primary intention of expanding himself and the record label from the UK to Canada with his primary focus on Artist Development, shortly after Zoravar came to discover his favorite Bhangra Artist was in Toronto and immediately contacted him for a studio session. Since that meeting Zoravar signed to the Lioncore Records label and became the student of Indy, throughout the five-year journey together of student teacher Zoravar was taught all aspects of playing instruments including the harmonium, dholki, synthesizer, keyboard drums, drum machine and record production aspects of composing, sequencing, arranging, mixing on a weekly basis following a strict curriculum as well as gaining knowledge and guidance of personal life lessons and experiences to encourage him to achieve his goals.

Although Zoravar experiments with a wide array of musical genres in the creation of different beat patterns, loops and drops his true innate talent, passion and focus is on the experimentation and development of sounds in the niche House and Electro genre infused with Bhangra sounds and instruments by blending abrasive electro vocals and instruments, prominent baselines and short and high pitched riffs.

The journey of Zoravar has been developing and transitioning into The Prodiigy and after a committed learning process and working closely with Indy he is now set to transform entirely and be ‘The Prodiigy,’ who is set to make his debut through his House Remix of Dunyia. After this remix he will continue releasing remixes of the Artists under the Lioncore Records label throughout 2013 and sometime 2014 Indy and The Prodiigy will be releasing an exclusive EP fusion of House, Electro and Bhangra.

There has always been a lacking sound within the South Asian industry that truly incorporated the varying sounds and instruments of House, Electro and Bhangra and The Prodiigy will essentially be the first Sikh South Asian DJ and Record Producer to enter the music industry under this niche fused genre. It is now time to launch The Prodiigy, as fans will quickly realize his sound is truly unique to the industry and he will quickly be known and earn a reputation for his shocking and lasting impression of prominent song drops and baselines.

Shortly after the release of this single a video for the remix will be released. The video is simple, fun and was inspired by the Mobile Application Vine, which showcases short repetitive clips of Lioncore Records Artist’s in studio. This remix to the original single Dunyia is the official debut introduction of The Prodiigy into the South Asian Music industry under the Lioncore Records Label

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