Manni Sandhu - Sona - Garage Remix (Free Download)

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Check out the  ‘Sona Garage Remix’ a free download by Manni Sandhu. Six months after the original release, Manni unleashes ‘Sona Garage’ featuring the powerful vocals of Bakshi Billa, as an ode to the era of Bhangra-Garage he grew up listening to and still cites as the most influential era for him in terms of production.

Having grew up listening to the likes of Illegal Demo, RDB, Dr. Zeus and DJ Swami amongst others, ‘Sona Garage’ aims to bring back a sound reminiscent to the days where Bhangra-Garage once reigned supreme on the industry.

Manni Sandhu - Sona (Garage Remix) (Feat. Bakshi Billa) Free Download by SimplyBhangra Music


+7 #2 Realist. 2012-08-26 22:54
I was hoping GI Jatt would be jumping in with a few of his bars...Bhangra- Garage isnt complete without him LOL
Raw Talent!!!!!!!!!!
+18 #1 Raw Talent!!!!!!!!!! 2012-08-25 18:49
just heard this and my 1st thought was bloody hell this is sickkk! reminds me of gubi sandhu days, nowadays its recycled pbn and jeeti beats!!!!!

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