A-SLAM - Back Down (Bay Step Remix)

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A-SLAM has been releasing a new remix every Monday on Facebook and YouTube as part of their Explode Your Headphones Remix Series.  Each week their remixes have gone viral leading to a YouTube Honour of #41 – Most Viewed – Music Canada.  

It was only fitting that sooner or later someone would want to remix an A-SLAM song, and that’s exactly what happened.  When SF DJ Raj of San Francisco based Illusive Records visited Vancouver, his industry contacts made sure him and “E.V.” of A-SLAM rubbed shoulders.   Once Raj heard “Back Down” he knew he had to put his own Bay Area spin on the record, and bring A-SLAM to American music fans.
A-SLAM is a JUNO Nominated artist, DJ, and production team who specialize in “fusion Hip-Hop”, mixing the popular genre with South Asian, Latin, and Electronic influences.  Hype around A-SLAM began with their remix of I need a girl part 2, and has continued to build through features alongside DJ SANJ, TAZ, and En Karma on their respective albums.  SF DJ Raj is a BAMMIE nominated, US Billboard Top 100 charting music producer.  In 1998 he launched Illusive Records which has since become one of just a handful of independent labels contracted by Apple iTunes as a content provider.
As for this single, “Back Down (Bay Step Remix)” showcases music by DJ ExxQuiZiT, vocals by “E.V.”, Reminisce, Nick Thalari, and FAZE, remixed by SF DJ Raj. The video was shot and edited by Sun Gill, and features MMA Fighter Gary Mangat.  Keep up with A-SLAM’s releases on facebook at:
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