ILL DEFINED - No 1. (tere bina) Free Download

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ILL DEFINED are an UK hiphop duo. Producers, Rappers, Song writers and entrepreneurs consisting of Two brothers (Mar2s & Ripz) from an indian hestiage hailing from a town North of london called Bedford. They have been rapping and producing music for over 10years.

{audio}/media/Music/May11/ILL D - NO1.mp3{/audio} Listen Here!

'We have been working really hard preparing for our new release, and we just want to give the UK a preview of our diverse sound by giving away No.1 (tere bina) from our website' says Ripz

The meaning of Ill Defined is: ‘not clearly or sharply defined’ it’s used to describe something that is not understood and something you do not quite know what to do with, it is like a problem.

Their style ranges from catchy club bangers that get your ‘neck nodding’ to conscious thought provoking tracks that speak about real life issues. With contemporary, experimental but always soulful music, Ill Defined bring a sound broad enough to cater for everyone.


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