Sukhi Walia - Na Ja Soniya (Free Download)

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Download Sukhi Walia's Debut Single "Na Ja Soniye", Produced by the AMAZING *SUNNY BROWN* of Culture Shock. The much anticipated Punjabi Fusion Track will finally be released around the world for """FREE"""

{audio}media/Music/Oct10/Na Ja Soniye - Sukhi Walia.mp3{/audio} - Listen Here

Sukhi Walia has been in the music industry for the past 4 years trying to make a foundation for himself by singing at various charity events, singing at various shows and concerts, opening for bigger artists and singing with/for various bands such as the the Vancouver Based Desi Fusion Band: "A-Slam"

Finally, the time has come for Sukhi to show the world exactly what he is capable of bringing to the music world with his unique talent of singing in Hindi, Punjabi, and English and also his BeatBoxing Skills.

Stay on the look out for his 2nd Single, which will be released on NOV.4th.2010

The Song will be available for download HERE

The Song could be heard on youtube

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Ironman aka SinghisK
0 #1 Ironman aka SinghisK 2010-10-18 07:56
Pure garbage. Shitty besureeley vocals heavily overruled by autotune (just like sunny brown - like father like son, even though Sukhi aint his son LOL) and crap beats.

2012 is coming soon!!! This WILL end the whole shithole of [censored] music these days. Music is not the same anymore, garbage like this is the reason behind it.

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