Jay Deala ft. Skelitor & Bishop Brigante - Welcome to the North (Free Download!)

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The urban desi phenom known as Jay Deala is ready, set and poised to take his rightful place as the first mainstream hip-hop artist from the Indian community in years.

Inspired by mainstream pioneer artists such as Apache Indian and Punjabi MC, Jay Deala is aiming to take over the music industry and fill a void in urban desi hip-hop that has desperately been needed for quite sometime now. Get ready for something special.

In an age of the micro label, Jay Deala registered his own record label/entertainment company, M WAY Entertainment Incorporated. This major step empowered and expanded his capabilities to explore all types of music genres.

Jay Deala is hip-hop at its best however he is not limited to just one type or style of music by any means. Now that he has refined and perfected his skills as a live hip-hop and recording artist, Jay Deala is looking to scout and develop the wealth of hidden talent that can be found locally aswell as internationally.

Hip-hop is translucent and transitions from person to person and culture through culture.  In the most diverse country in the world there are many ethnicities and people from different backgrounds that enjoy, live and breathe urban music.

“Welcome to the North” gives three different takes on the music industry in Canada from three completely different people at different stages in their careers.  The track features Jay Deala, Skelitor and Bishop Brigante and was produced by Sycotrax. 

The different styles pulled from each of these artists nationalities culminates and unifies the vast variety of people, in Canada and the World for that matter, who listen to, live and breathe urban music. 

“Welcome to the North” represents and is a symbol of the true essence of hip-hop diversification coming from the World’s most diversified country.  This is Canadian hip-hop.

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+1 #4 Mike88 2010-03-24 02:28
Wow...good effort..but this is wack
+1 #3 m-way 2010-02-09 20:09
good job deal A
+3 #2 gizza 2010-01-08 13:31
allow this :/ ask uncle jessie!!!
dj. amzi
+2 #1 dj. amzi 2010-01-06 10:14
thanks for sharing this, NA sure has loads of talent that many have not heard yet

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