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Punjabi Music Industry Part 4

SimplyBhangra.com's Jovan returns with his fourth installment of 'Punjabi Music Industry'!

First off I'd just like to thank all the Simply Bhangra readers and the artists I have interviewed for all the support throughout the first three of the 4 part Punjabi Music Industry blogs that I have done. I have had the opportunity to speak to some big name artists and have learnt alot more about the industry and the music side of the business from my chats with them.

For this last part I had the pleasure of speaking to even more artists, this lineup includes Guru Randhawa, Amrit Saab, Paul Nagra, Anna Heer, Raju Johal & Gagan Sharma.

How did you get to where you are right now in the Punjabi music industry, what made you so successful?
Obviously music has changed a lot over the years, what are your thoughts on what it once was and what it is now?
Their are now too many artists now who buy their own music to boost their ratings and get themselves up the music charts and rankings... What do you think of the current situation in our industry?
What can we expect from you in the future? Can we expect some single or an album in the near future?

GURU RANDHAWA – "My vision , hardwork and dreams are what have gotten me to where I am in my career. My family and my brother made it possible for me to get into the Punjabi music industry. I think its "time" that has changed everything. Not only music but our surroundings, technology, fashion everything has changed with the time and it will keep changing everyday. Music is still done with the same feel. I don't know about artists who buy music for ratings but yes if someone has given a hit in industry and everyone talks about the song and artist, thats a hit, even if someone buys it thats ok people knows whats a hit, and whats not. Its marketing i think and every company or individual do it. Right now I am working on singles and will announce soon I have recently released Khat"

Guru has been all over the music charts, radio stations and all over tv the last few months with the track Patola with Bohemia. Absolute banging track with a great music video to go along with it.

AMRIT SAAB – "Original and Hard work and luck cause luck is the main part of life to be successful. No matter what we do in music no matter how much rap or English music we copy every one forgetting one thing PMC song did well so why can't we keep the original roots. No matter what chart number you receive what's the point if you are on no1 but you don't have any shows bhaji with hard original honest work will always take you to where ever you want to reach but if you got true talent that will never end one day you have no money but people still appreciate your talent that's the biggest chart we shouldn't be dreaming that we want to be a star I dream I want to be like moon or sun they only one people wait for everyday and night starts comes and goes. My new album is ready got a few family romantic bhangra and dancing songs in my new album."

Watch out for Amrit's album coming soon! Sardar is still one of my favourite Punjabi tracks ever.

Watch The Video for 'Sardaar' Here

PAUL NAGRA – "I believe I have got to the stage I am at today with a lot of hard work and by being consistent with my production. Yeah it's clear music has changed a lot over the years and is going to continue to change! I think bhangra music in the past was amazing, and is still very good today! Bhangra music is going to continue to change, it's natural with progression, and I think we all need to continue to move with the times, music makers and listeners. The industry is what it is and I don't think anyone can change that single-handedly. I think it will change over time naturally as more artists come along, and as new platforms of reaching audiences come along, but until then it is what it is and I think we just might have to accept that. With reference to artists buying their own music I don't really have an opinion on this as I have never seen any solid proof that they are, plus I'm too busy worrying about what I am doing than to be reading up and researching gossip if I am honest. You can expect some more singles, and definitely and album some time in the near future."

Paul Nagra is the man behind so many great tracks lately... Dekhi Nachdi, Paranda, & Muqabala and has worked with many great artists. Check out his newest track Paranda with Sardool Sikander below.

Watch The Video for 'Paranda' Here

ANNA HEER – "I'm just starting out in the industry! Nishani Pyar Di is my debut release, I'm keen to be successful and am aware you need to remain resilient and most of have the desire to succeed. I grew up in an era where bhangra music was very different to what it is now. In that generation of bhangra, bands was the phenomena. Live bands was the norm and although the music was a lot more basic it was so effective! Now I feel that music has become a lot more commercial, it still works and is obviously the way forward but the difference between what it was then and what it is now is very apparent in many ways. ! I'd say each to their own! On a serious note, I believe that your work should speak for itself, not everyone is going to like or support what you do but you must always stay true to yourself. I am working on new material so you will definitely hear more from me! I'll keep you posted for sure."

Anna has released Nishani Pyar Di recently with Popsy and what a track it is. Im sure we will be hearing alot more from here in the near future plus I'm a fan of her last name :) .

RAJU JOHAL – "I started my musical journey at a very young age. Started with the dhol at the age of 3 then got into singing when I was 6. My dad has been a huge part of who I am and where I am today. Not only is he my dhol ustaad but my biggest fan/supporter. Not to forget my mom and brother who have been and are always there for me. My teacher, Ustad Devinder Singh Hundle, for teaching and guiding me through this journey. I've personally never bought any of my own music to boost my ratings/rankings, etc. I strongly feel that if you believe in yourself, and believe in your music... your fans will boost you on their own! In the near future, you can expect a lot of new music. Singles, as well as an EP. Working with producers from Canada, US and the UK. Very excited to share my music with the world!"

Raju based in Vancouver can do it all... playing the dhol, harmonium and not to forget his great live performances. I have had the pleasure of seeing him perform many times and just leaves you speechless with his talent. Check out his Nachna Pasand track.

Watch 'Nachna Pasand' Here

GAGAN SHARMA – I used to do bhangra in high school, from there I just started singing in a small circle to my friends. They kept encouraging me to do music for a long time so I decided before I come into the music scene I will learn professionally. You have to know your craft no matter which career you chose in life. I did my first recording ever in 2011. I am still learning everyday from my mistakes and moving forward and correcting them in the next song. I am still making a name in the music scene so success is still a far way but working on it day by day to get to my goal. Music definitely has changed over the years but when I think of punjabi music strictly, I think the changes that have come in the recent years are great from what it was. Punjabi music has gone a lot more commercial now where non punjabies are also listening to it as well. It has made a huge impact in bollywood and in the mainstream world as well.

I didn't even actually know artists buy their own music, I don't really see the point of doing that. You are just lying to yourself. Everything takes time to build and grow. You need to just focus on yourself to fix your last mistake and move forward and work just that much harder. I am still too new and young in the music industry to make any sort of comment about the industry, so far from what I have experienced it is pretty good. A lot of artists that I have come across are extremely humble and down to earth. I just released an album last year which took two and half years to make, an album is a long term commitment and a lot of people don't buy music legally anymore. So financially it doesn't make sense to commit to something big like that again until I have made a name for myself so I'll be doing singles only but it will be something different each time."