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Back By Public Demand - Discussing the return of B21's Jusi Sahota discusses the long awaited comeback by Bhangra band B21! - Their album 1.2.B is set to release shortly worldwide via Moviebox Records

As confirmed by international and global record label "MovieBox Records" on Twitter (@1Moviebox), it was revealed that the return of duo Bhota and Bally Jagpal was imminent; causing a huge uproar on social media regarding the return of B21.

The announcement was revealed to be a "comeback concert" by B21 and Surj Sahota amongst a few other big names in the industry such as Sukhshinder Shinda, Jazzy B, Roach Killa, Saini Surinder and Miss Pooja – with nearly all acts performing with a full live band.

The concert, entitled "Back By Public Demand" is being hosted in both Birmingham and Leicester on the 21st and 27th of June. B21 teased bhangra fans on social media by adding that new music from B21's forthcoming album: "12B" would be showcased at the event.

"@B21 Online: We'll be performing the new song "Aag" featuring artist Miss Pooja with herself on both events!"

The news comes as a huge shock for bhangra fans worldwide as one of the most successful bhangra bands marks its return to the bhangra scene. B21, which consisted of brothers Bhota and Bally Jagpal as well as lead singer Jassi Sidhu, reached huge success worldwide and both Bhota and Bally Jagpal are credited to be "pioneers of bhangra music".

The B21 sound that they produced was described to be untouchable, reaching huge commercial success, performing at events worldwide and being featured in the hit movie "Bend It Like Beckham". Tracks like "Darshan", "Kuriya Punjab Diya", "Jawani" and "Chandigarh" were hugely groundbreaking and took the bhangra scene to a whole new level – resulting in their career skyrocketing. One of the members of the group, Bally Jagpal pursued a solo career as a music producer and released three albums – including the world famous "Dark and Dangerous". The solo album by Bally Jagpal showed signs of positive things to come from the trio. However, I was wrong as B21 split - and the Jagpal brothers took a hiatus whilst Jassi Sidhu pursued a solo career.

Jassi was building a name for himself worldwide, teaming up with a number of different producers and creating his own band. The Jagpals started producing tracks for Sardara Singh Gill and ADH for their albums, but it was nothing hugely groundbreaking. Having kept up with Jassi's music over the years, his music was missing that spark that the Jagpal's had. Since splitting from B21, he has teamed up with Aman Hayer, Yo Yo Honey Singh, Bups Saggu and PBN; but none of them come close to the signature B21 sound.

I was happy to hear of a B21 comeback - without Jassi Sidhu - with their forthcoming album "12B". I first heard the news in 2010 and have been anticipating it since, patiently waiting for the most ground-breaking bhangra news of the century. But as the "Back By Public Demand" concert draws closer and closer, it is almost certain that B21's forthcoming album "12B" will surely be released this year – which has been talked about on message boards since 2005! B21 have previewed songs such as: "Singapore Airline Di", "Mirza" and "Manji" on the radio. These tracks have given bhangra fans a small glimpse of what we can expect from B21 and it did not disappoint.

So here it is, the press release for B21's new album. Coming to you Live and Direct and By Public Demand, it's going to be The Sound Of B21, Made In England and very Long Overdue but the wait is nearly over...because it's the 12B.

Article written by Jusi Sahota

Twitter: @JusiSahota / @NMKOnline

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