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G Company's Bhangra Flashback [Edition 2]

G Company's Bhangra Flashback is set to take you back into Bhangra history for each edition, uncovering a Bhangra song that has been largely forgotten. So, dust off your tapes & vinyls and get ready to be transported back!

YEAR: 1986

The year is 1989, it’s summer, it’s a Sunday morning......this could only mean one thing – Panjabi wedding time!

But before I even have a chance to be overcome with emotion by the joyous day ahead for my 5th cousin, pindu, or family friend who I have never actually met, I start guessing which band (yes, one that plays real instruments) will be rocking the wedding party. So I finally arrive at the venue (the obligatory school hall) wearing my best hand-me-downs and in the car park I see an even cooler version of the A-Team van with the letters ‘D C S’ on the side......by this point I am very very excited!

There was a period in the late 80s and early 90s, where DCS seemed to play at almost every wedding I went to, and without a doubt one of the highlights of their set was the anthem ‘Aj Main Peeni Aan from their 2nd official album Aao Nach Lao’. Although this song was released some 3 years before my egotistical rant above, in my opinion the success of it contributed to and helped kick start DCS’s illustrious journey into the world of Bhangra.

The word iconic is often overused in Bhangra songs, especially when it comes to describing the opening few bars, but the trackAj Main Peeni Aanis one that truly deserves this accolade. I have quite literally seen people running to the dance floor upon hearing the opening music segment, then coming to a standstill, arms up in the air whilst they sing along to the distinguishable first lineMenu Hor Pila Thori’.

The finely tuned high octave synthesiser throughout, flawlessly complements lead singer Shin’s pitch perfect vocals and impeccable delivery. Whilst the lyrics may be considered simplistic by some, they cover most of the requirements of a Bhangra party song by including friendship, happiness, and celebration based around the main theme of intoxication.

There was something truly magical about the live, rugged and rustic sound of this song. It had a certain amount of spontaneity to it, almost as if it had been created and developed in the moment and without arduous rehearsal.

The real tragedy is that this gem of a song seems to be absent from most DJ’s sets nowadays and is rarely played anymore. Having said that, I do not think it should be recreated by anyone or even re-recorded by DCS themselves, as this would take away the rawness and artistry of the original.

Yes, I do realise that this is the second article in which I am reminiscing about a song that plagiarises an old melody (answers in the ‘comments’ box below please), but when it sounds this damn good, who really cares!

Buy the song on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/the-greatest-hits/id411146979 - track 4)

G-COMPANY is a Bhangra producer based in Southampton, who lives and breathes Bhangra. He is currently putting the finishing touches to his untitled 2nd album, which is due for release mid 2013.

Twitter: @GcompanyMusic