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G Company's Bhangra Flashback [Edition 1]

G Company's Bhangra Flashback is set to take you back into Bhangra history for each edition, uncovering a Bhangra song that has been largely forgotten. So, dust off your tapes & vinyls and get ready to be transported back!


YEAR: 1992

On paper this song should not have worked for a number of reasons. First of all, the sheer audacity of Anakhi, a relatively unknown band back then with only 1 release behind them, who decided not only to recreate a song with a overused hook line, but also plagiarise the melody of the classic ‘Lut Ke Lagaye’ by legendary AS Kang.

BUT, not only did this work, it quite literally knocked my, and Bhangra-Heads alike, socks off in the process. Aimed at the dance floor, this song rightfully propelled Anakhi into the limelight as one of the top bands, and one which should not be ignored.

Although this song has been largely forgotten (and in some cases, unknown) by moderate Bhangra followers, it was a perfect example of the transition that UK Bhangra was going through at the time. It had elements of 80’s Bhangra with its western drums, guitars and keyboards, and introduced more prominent tumbi and dhol which would become a template for producer based Bhangra that was just around the corner.

Whether it is the piercing vocals of Surjit, or the hard-hitting production and clever instrumentation layering by the band members, everything about this song just worked and for me signifies what early 90’s Bhangra sound was all about! Oh, how I miss those days.....


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The Anakhist (Total Anakhi) - Anakhi

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