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Pehchaan 3d (First Punjabi Movie in 3D)

Inner Karma Ltd & Daddy Mohan Records present The First Punjabi 3D Feature Film 'PECHAAN 3D', based on True Story! Music By: RDB, Panjabi Hit Squad, The Bilz & Kashif, Ranj Singh & The Discriminatiors!  Watch promo here!

Starting: Steve Dhillon, Jaspal Randhawa, Mandeepak Patrola

Release Date: 1-Feb-2013

Genre: Drama

Synopsis : "Jagjot Sidhu, a young medicine graduate, has aspirations to soon become a doctor and make his family proud. After witnessing a murder, he comes forward to testify against a corrupt family. HIs life, appearance, relationships, career and identity are taken away for his own protection. Life takes him on a trip filled with anger, laughter, religion, love and betrayal all centered around the man he actually is. He must get back his life and somehow get home."