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‘Complete Shoulders and Traps Workout’ Instructional Video Blog Releases - South Asian Fitness Sardar - Gary Sethi launches a series of fitness, nutrition, & social issue video blogs.

South Asian Fitness Sardar, Gary Sethi aims to continue his journey in motivating South Asians to get moving and healthy with another video blog. Today’s release focuses on Gary’s ‘Complete Chest Workout’ and displays the fitness role model in a series of weightlifting movements. Check it out below!

“My goal is to continue to educate and bring awareness to South Asians about getting fit. This chest workout series is meant to provide guidance for all those who may have wanted to get to the gym, but may not necessarily know exactly what to do there. It also gives those self-titled gym lovers some additional motivation to keep going,” notes Sethi.

While his focus is primarily South Asians, Gary extends his reach to the masses by working one on one with individuals to attain first hand, practical experience about fitness, and techniques to enable a healthy lifestyle. Gary strives to maintain the highest standards in developing new and innovative ways to enhance and maintain physical fitness. The video blogs are yet a different vehicle to promote a healthy lifestyle and provide support to address the various challenges and opportunities regarding fitness, nutrition, and cultural awareness.

The video blogs are available on Gary’ YouTube channel and will be will be updated regularly.


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lol loved the t-shirt thigh
+1 #1 WeeMan 2012-11-27 00:05
Nice to have some bodybuilding videos on SimplyBHANGRA forum :-)

Whats the next big surprise?

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